The Police Officer, the coffee, the tear


I was running late for a meeting, so yes, I MAY have been speeding (hey, my wife may read this!) across Hwy 7 to get to Starbucks. As I sat at a red light I looked in the rear view mirror and a knot formed in my stomach. An unmarked police SUV had pulled in behind me and the officer was feverishly typing into his dash mounted laptop. I was busted!

I slowly turned left into the parking lot, he slowly turned left into the parking lot…It was only a matter of time until the he flipped the lights and wrote me up!

I parked, he parked. He was still typing away so I got out of the car and slowly started walking to Starbucks. I got in line and he got in line behind me, I looked at him, he smiled and that was it. Phew, dodged that bullet!

I ordered my latte and as I was about to pay I turned and ask him if I could buy him a coffee. He said thanks but no, he would get his own. “Come on, let me buy you a coffee.” I asked again, but the answer again was nope. He grabbed his coffee, gave me a nod and off he went to bust some unsuspecting sucker who was late for a meeting.

As I was waiting for my latte the young lady making it asked “Did you know that guy or were you just being nice?”. “I don’t know him, I just thought he’s got a pretty tough job and I’d like to buy him a coffee to say thanks” I replied. She handed me my latte with a tear in her eye and said “Thank you for giving me hope that there are good people still in this world”.

Here I was trying to do something nice for a police officer and it turned out to be the barista that was touched. I’m glad I was able to impact someone that does their part to serve those around them.

Be kind, you never know who’s watching!

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