Turn 5: Pay it forward

Congrats, you’ve signed the offer!!

So you’ve landed your new gig and you have tons of people to thank. Do it, don’t get stuck in the new job vortex and let 3, 6, 9 months go by without saying thank you to the people who helped you get create the next chapter of your life!

If you are like me you asked a ton of people for help. Some people helped me develop content, others I asked for introductions and others helped me stay confident during my search.

Now it’s your turn….

Help one person every day in a real way. Ask people “how can I help you?”, and be sincere about it. You know someone right now who is the same position you were last week. Reach out to them, don’t sit back and wait for them to come to you. Be prepared to help by challenging them, inspiring them and getting them connected with your network.

Finally, don’t stop networking. Get out there and keep building your circle of influence.

Now, go crush it and continue working as hard as ever.


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