Turn 5: Pay it forward

Congrats, you've signed the offer!! So you've landed your new gig and you have tons of people to thank. Do it, don't get stuck in the new job vortex and let 3, 6, 9 months go by without saying thank you to the people who helped you get create the next chapter of your life!... Continue Reading →

Turn #4: Narrowing & Choosing

When I originally drafted my outline for Turn #4 I had broken out narrowing and choosing but after some reflection I feel like they are directly linked. This is probably the one area where I have received the least amount on advice. When you think about it this makes sense because how we make decisions... Continue Reading →

5 Turn Detour, Turn 3: Networking

I saw a post on LinkedIn yesterday which was really quite depressing, someone mentioned that they applied to hundreds of jobs in the past 6 months with not 1 interview. Someone commented a possible reason is the automated filtering taking place on job boards. If you aren’t a “perfect” fit based on predetermined criteria the... Continue Reading →

Turn #2 – Storytelling

Psst, do NOT miss the most important piece of advice at the end of this post.... Gary Vaynerchuk is a little crass, maybe a little blunt but he is definitely amazing at getting his message across. He's great at story telling! When I began writing the framework for this series I originally thought of calling... Continue Reading →

Turn #1 – Reflection

Reflection; the ability to hit pause. When I want to be deliberate about reflection I need to get away and be surrounded by nature. My in-laws have a cottage in Muskoka and there is a golf course about 20min away, the first tee time is at 7am so I’ll show up at 6:30 and hit... Continue Reading →

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