Social Media is killing us…literally.

Dramatic, perhaps but consider the following... Since 1999 suicide rates in the USA have risen in every state except 1 and 23 states have seen a 30%+ increase.  Now consider what has changed since 1999 - that's right, the internet. Studies show we are shifting the way we choose to invest our time.   In... Continue Reading →

The Office Vampire

You are sitting at your desk preparing your monthly report and you hear that lovely "ding" when you have a new email. You open your Inbox and see a meeting request and the endorphins you brain was producing turn to cortisol as your interest and excitement shift to anxiety. You've just received a meeting request... Continue Reading →

Chivalry is dead!

It is time for men to stop behaving badly. As a father of a daughter I’m deeply concerned about the treatment of women by “men” these days. Read the papers, watch the news. It feels like every week there is another Harvey Weinstein being accused of treating women like a drunken frat boy. (Sadly, I’ve been working on this... Continue Reading →

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