Turn #4: Narrowing & Choosing

When I originally drafted my outline for Turn #4 I had broken out narrowing and choosing but after some reflection I feel like they are directly linked. This is probably the one area where I have received the least amount on advice. When you think about it this makes sense because how we make decisions... Continue Reading →

5 Turn Detour, Turn 3: Networking

I saw a post on LinkedIn yesterday which was really quite depressing, someone mentioned that they applied to hundreds of jobs in the past 6 months with not 1 interview. Someone commented a possible reason is the automated filtering taking place on job boards. If you aren’t a “perfect” fit based on predetermined criteria the... Continue Reading →

Turn #2 – Storytelling

Psst, do NOT miss the most important piece of advice at the end of this post.... Gary Vaynerchuk is a little crass, maybe a little blunt but he is definitely amazing at getting his message across. He's great at story telling! When I began writing the framework for this series I originally thought of calling... Continue Reading →

Turn #1 – Reflection

Reflection; the ability to hit pause. When I want to be deliberate about reflection I need to get away and be surrounded by nature. My in-laws have a cottage in Muskoka and there is a golf course about 20min away, the first tee time is at 7am so I’ll show up at 6:30 and hit... Continue Reading →

The Career Detour

On August 25th, 2017 my life changed... Like you, I had enjoyed many celebrations during my life, from marrying my soul mate to the brith of our children. I also had my fair share of set-backs including surviving cancer. But this would be different. I walked out of the office and got into my car... Continue Reading →

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