Social Media is killing us…literally.

Dramatic, perhaps but consider the following…

Since 1999 suicide rates in the USA have risen in every state except 1 and 23 states have seen a 30%+ increase.  Now consider what has changed since 1999 – that’s right, the internet.

Suicide rates USA

Studies show we are shifting the way we choose to invest our time.   In early 2016 adults (18+) in the US alone spent over 1 Trillion minutes (that’s over 2 hours a day) on their mobile device – in one day!  This does not include TV or laptops.  In 2018 this number continues to rise surpassing the 3.5 hour mark.

See the source image

So with all this time being invested in our devices what are we doing…Social Media is one thing and for the younger generations it’s a big thing.  Between Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and many others we are being bombarded with “information”.

“But Paul, this isn’t killing us!”

Did you know doctors have begun diagnosing something called “Facebook Depression”?  People are spending hours upon hours every day watching “Facebook Life”, you know, the one where every picture is perfectly airbrushed, the sun is setting in some tropical location, with the perfect partner, and the perfect #hashtag.

People are comparing their ACTUAL life to some “influencers” FACEBOOK life.  We are seeing the “Perfect 1%”, none of the mess, the bad hair days, the self doubt, the snot-bubble moments every single person on earth faces.

Suicide rates are rising, depression is rising, seclusion is rising, mental health issues are rising and it’s time for us to consider the role social media is playing in all of this.

Protect yourself and your children’s heart and mind by focusing on real life and the people who really matter.

If you feel like you may need help talk to your doctor, family or contact your local crisis centre:




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